Canberra in 5th November 2017

In line with the emphasis of the UAE Ministry of Education on providing the best services to the UAE students in Australia and New Zealand, HE Rawdha Al Mansoori, the UAE Cultural Attaché in Australia and New Zealand, hosted a delegation from the UAE Ministry of Education. The delegation was formed of HE Obaid Al-Qaoud, Director of Financial Resources Dept, HE Hamad Al-Kaabi, Director of Scholarship Dept, HE Sawsan Al-Ali, Director of Legal Affairs, HE Maryam Al-Mutawa, Director of Internal Audit Office, and Mr Tamer Othman, Senior Financial Resources Specialist.
Throughout the visit, the committee reviewed the procedures followed by the UAE cultural office and the continuous development of the services and programs it offers to the scholarship students in Australia and New Zealand. The Cultural Attaché also presented an initiative for training UAE school principals, mentors and teachers in elite universities in Australia. The delegation commended the work of the cultural office. They emphasized on the focus by the Ministry to meet the needs required by the cultural offices and the scholarship students and to overcome any obstacles or difficulties that they may face throughout their study.
At the conclusion of the official visit, the Cultural Attaché expressed her appreciation to the committee members for their efforts in developing the work and adopting initiatives that would contribute to the success of the cultural attachés, which will be ultimately reflected in achieving the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Education. In their turn, the committee expressed their appreciation to the Cultural Attaché and the office team for their hard efforts in developing the work of the cultural office.